Bootjack Productions

John Kenney and Bob Fraley began working together in 2011. They became acquainted through an entertainment law attorney, Jay Shanker, that has practiced in both Los Angeles and Oklahoma City. They began writing Country & Western songs and Bob’s album “BootJack Romeo” consisting of songs they have written is scheduled for release this summer.

Mac McCoy and John Kenney first teamed up to write a song for use in November 2012 for their church stewardship program. The song, “Thank You, Lord”, has been a part of several church services and formed the basis for at least one sermon. They have written and produced several more Christian songs using some talented Oklahoma City and Los Angeles based musicians.

John Kenney

Lyricist & Producer (Country & Gospel)

John Kenney grew up in a small town in Oklahoma where country and gospel music were real. The lives of friends and neighbors played out in the lyrics of many of those old songs.

With that experience as a backdrop, his work background is that of an intellectual property trial lawyer. In addition to a law degree, he has an engineering degree, has worked as an engineer and is an inventor on several patents. How did this lead to song writing? John answers: "A trial lawyer must be able to communicate sometimes complex information in an understandable way. Use of image filled words are often the key. Good songs are the same way--a few words, carefully chosen, translate to thoughts and images in the mind of the listener. Every word is important to the telling of the story. Careful attention to this and other details is required just like the work of an engineer and lawyer."

Music and lyrics merge to make a really good song. Many songs are good in one aspect or the other but not both. John is not a performing musician but likes good musical sounds and has been able to work closely with some great musical talent to produce his songs. John explains: "I always marvel at how much talent many musicians have, We have been able to find a synergy of creativity to produce what I think are some fun, interesting and great songs with a real message."

Bob Fraley

Songwriting & Music Production (Country)

Bob was raised in the small town of Mangum in the southwest part of Oklahoma. He grew up in a musical family and started writing songs at a very early age. His dad, Jack, was a successful business man who could play the fiddle incredibly well. He played so well that he had the opportunity to play with some of the biggest names in Country Music, such as Bob Wills, Earnest Tubb, Buck Owens and Ray Price.

After high school Bob joined the US Army and went to Germany where he honed his performance skills playing on weekends at various venues throughout the country. He had the pleasure of performing with artists such as Lynn Anderson and Tommy Cash.

Upon his return to the US, Bob married his high school sweetheart and settled down to raise a family. He recorded and released an album in the late 80’s but did not have much commercial success. He then began leading Praise and Worship services in several churches around the country.

He had the opportunity to start a business in California and for the past several years devoted his time to that effort. Now he is back in the Dallas, TX area ready to get back in the country music arena. For the past couple of years he has teamed with John Kenney to write, record and produce.

Mac McCoy

Songwriting & Music Production (Gospel)

After saving up his paper route money Mac McCoy bought his first real guitar in 7th grade (circa1971), a Martin D-28.  Many other guitars have been part of Mac's collection over the past 42 years but that original is still regularly played.

In high school his music background was rock n' roll but through his Christian faith he began to have opportunities to play in various church settings, youth camps, Young Life, and retreats. At the same time Mac gained experience on the engineering side of music working with a Baton Rouge band that made it to the final round of a national contest and performed regionally for several years.

A real turning point musically came in the early 90s when Mac traveled to Africa to be part of a team from a ministry called Christian Artists Reaching the Earth (CARE). "For the first time in my life I experienced the combination of performing music in the context of worship and it changed me".  Since then Mac has spent 25 years serving in 3 churches as the Director of Youth Ministries and has continued to be involved in leading worship.

Recently, serving his current church in Oklahoma City, Mac as had the opportunity to partner with John Kenney, a talented song writer.  Together they are currently writing and producing songs that tell the stories of their own faith and they are looking forward to helping others share their faith through music as well.